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Area Committee changes reduce residents’ chance to have their say

Monday, July 14th, 2014 by Ian Manning

Cambridge Liberal Democrats fear sweeping changes to the City Council’s area committees could seriously reduce residents’ say in decision making.


The changes mean that the Labour ruling group intend to reduce the frequency of area committees by over 30 per cent a year.


Lib Dems fear this will severely impact on residents’ opportunities to hold their councillors to account.


Councillor Rod Cantrill said: “This is a backward step for the City Council. It will mean the loss of local decision making and more decisions will be taken behind closed doors in the Guildhall.


“Cllr Lewis Herbert, The leader of the Council indicated at the Council’s Annual Meeting that the Labour ruling group intended to ‘refresh’ Area Committees – this step highlights that the new ruling group intend to do the opposite and ‘suffocate’ Area Committees


“Area committees provide an environment for residents to speak without feeling intimidated which they sometimes feel when attending meetings at the Guildhall.”


Cllr Mike Pitt said: “Labour has wasted no time in making this move which will lessen residents’ involvement with the City Council. They have taken this decision without consulting residents who will be directly affected by these proposals.


“I hope that it is not a sign that Labour are being arrogant with the democratic power the residents of Cambridge have entrusted them with”

Planning applications in Arbury

June 16th, 2014 by Alan Levy

The following planning applications have been received for land in Arbury.

For further information click on the links below

14/0856/FUL 188 Gilbert Road

  • Loft extension, dormer and gable end extension

14/0884/FUL 36 Histon Road

  • Demolition of existing garage and construction of new garage with office above

14/230/TTCA 35 Searle Street

  • 1 x Silver Maple. Option 1 – remove the tree completely and treat the stump to prevent regrowth. Option 2 – reduce the tree by around 40%, to allow much more light into the garden and not have to reduce the tree again for some years to come.

Re-elect Cllr Tim Ward

May 8th, 2014 by Ian Manning


Tim Ward is restanding as your City Councillor for Arbury.

Tim is the executive Councillor for Planning and Sustainable Transport.  As part of this role he has overseen the introduction of 20mph speed limits of residential streets and the submission of the Cambridge Local Plan – the document that safeguards Cambridge’s future until 2031.

Tim Ward first arrived in Cambridge as a student, and he moved to Arbury 1980 where he lives with his wife and those of their three children who aren’t away at university. Having read computer science at Cambridge he now works as a freelance computer programmer, mostly in connection with mobile phone systems.Tim has been a city councillor for Arbury since 2000, and, as well as carrying out the normal work of a ward councillor, is Executive Councillor for Planning and Sustainable Transport.

Planning applications in Arbury

April 27th, 2014 by Alan Levy

The following planning applications have been received for land in Arbury.

For further information click on the links below

14/0558/FUL 15 Frenchs Road

  • Rear roof extension, two storey side and rear extension and single storey rear extension.

Making Arbury safer

April 16th, 2014 by Alan Levy

Cllr Tim Ward by one of the new 20mph signs

Arbury Councillor Tim Ward’s project to make our streets safer is now up and running. All of the roads in Arbury – with the exception of A and B roads and Gilbert Road – are now part of the 20mph zone, which extends across the entire North area of the City.

A separate consultation exercise is also being carried out for Victoria Road, which could not be included in the first phase because for historical reasons it is classed as an A road.

We like living in Arbury and we think this scheme makes a significant contribution to making it an even better place to live in.

Planning applications in Arbury

April 16th, 2014 by Alan Levy

The following planning applications have been received for land in Arbury.

For further information click on the links below

14/0502/CL2PD 36 Linden Close

  • Application for a certificate of lawfulness under Section 192 for proposed hip to gable and dormer.

14/0505/S73 ALDI, Unit 1, 157 Histon Road

  • S73 application to vary condition 14 of planning permission C/95/0100 to allow delivery hours to between 07:00hrs and 22:00hrs Monday to Sunday, 09:00hrs  and 17:00hrs on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

14/0509/FUL 17 Holland Street

  • Rear extension, replacement conservatory and replacement garage following demolition of existing conservatory and garage

14/0524/FUL 19 Acton Way

  • Loft conversion with two dormers and rear double and part single storey extension

14/0550/FUL 16 Clare Street

  • Rear roof extension.



Monday, April 14th, 2014 by Ian Manning

For more info on open source, see: Note: This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Open Source Initiative

Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Ian Manning is encouraging open source based tenders for the council’s future back end systems.

The move would build in flexibility and potentially save on expensive licence costs.

Cllr Manning, who represents Cambridge’s East Chesterton on the county council, became aware of the idea through his membership of the Local Government Shared Services (LGSS) joint committee which runs the council’s shared services collaboration with Northamptonshire.

Currently, the Councils in LGSS have several “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) systems in place and are looking to upgrade and replace them all with one platform.

“It’s great that the organisation is consolidating its offering – which will take LGSS from strength to strength,” said Cllr Manning.

“I’m concerned about the overall cost of the current solution, and feel that open source alternatives could provide a better, cheaper, and more flexible alternative.”

Cllr Manning is spearheading the adoption of more open source software across the Council’s IT platforms, and is looking to hear from organisations that provide commercial level support for those systems.


[1]  The tender can be found here:

[2]  Government policy encourages councils to adopt more open source software instead of commercial software

Planning applications in Arbury

April 10th, 2014 by Alan Levy

The following planning applications have been received for land in Arbury.

For further information click on the links below

14/0468/FUL 23 Histon Road

  • Construction of detached house to the rear of 23 Histon Road, fronting North Street.

14/0469/FUL 31 Chesterton Road

  • Conversion of existing basement to a self contained flat.

14/0493/FUL 297 Histon Road

  • Temporary change of use from A1 (shop) to D2 (assembly and leisure)

14/127/TTCA 87 Histon Road

  • Cherry trees – lop by 3ft


Planning applications in Arbury

April 1st, 2014 by Alan Levy

The following planning applications have been received for land in Arbury.

For further information click on the links below

14/0439/NMA 22 Stretten Avenue

  • The proposed French Doors with windows either side in the kitchen / family room on the west elevation be changed to folding doors

14/0440/FUL 64 Darwin Drive

  • Single storey front and rear extensions and loft extension to house.

14/0450/CL2PD 188 Gilbert Road

  • Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 192 for loft conversion incorporating an extension to roof from hip to gable and creation of a rear dormer.

14/0451/FUL 64 Roseford Road

  • First floor side extension to house.


Thursday, March 13th, 2014 by Ian Manning

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has been congratulated in Parliament for his “robust campaigning” on extra funding for Cambridgeshire schools as it was announced that they will get an extra £20 million from next April.

Julian received praise from Schools Minister, David Laws who said that areas like Cambridge, which have seen an unfair amount of funding would receive the greatest boost.

Mr Laws’ congratulations came as Julian told Parliament that Cambridgeshire schools had been underfunded for 30 years and were “right at the bottom of the pile”.

“At last this government will do something about it where others haven’t,” said Julian, “and on behalf of all those campaigners, particularly the Schools Forum and the Cambridge News, which have campaigned for many years, thank you.

“Can I urge the Minister to make sure this actually happens?”

Mr Laws said: “I congratulate my honourable friend for being such a robust campaigner for these changes; hardly a week has gone by over the last few years when he hasn’t been lobbying me for fair funding for Cambridgeshire.

“I know there are schools within this county which are at the moment in vision distance of other schools in other authorities which are funded in a totally different way. That always was unfair and we are now addressing it.”

Julian, who has campaigned on this issue for over a decade, led a Westminster debate on the schools under-funding issue and has been pushing ministers to act, said the seven per cent increase was welcome news after schools suffered years of financial neglect under successive governments.

“The settlement is extremely welcome news because it means our schools will no longer be the lowest funded in the country,” he said. “Our children have been taught in schools that have been chronically short-changed for the last 30 years.

“There is no excuse for treating Cambridgeshire differently to other parts of the country. Our schools are doing a great job despite working against a backdrop of under-funding but they could do so much more for our children with a fairer settlement.”

Schools were receiving much less than the average – £600 per pupil per year less – putting them at the bottom of the nation’s financial league table.

The new settlement will give a two form entry primary school with 420 pupils an extra £275 per pupil per year from £3,950 to £4,225 That means the school will receive a total of £115,500 a year more.

There is now a consultation, and in a bid to make sure the extra funding happens Julian has launched a petition - - calling on Mr Gove to implement the new settlement in full as quickly as possible.

The petition “Cambridgeshire schools deserve a fairer funding deal!” supports the extra funding and tells Mr Gove: “Please don’t leave our children short-changed any longer.”