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Christmas and New Year bin collections

by Alan Levy on 15 December, 2012

Bin collections over the holiday season are being adjusted as they are every year. This is particularly important for streets where bins are normally collected on a Tuesday. The collection that would have happened on Tuesday 25th December will instead happen on the preceding Saturday (22 December). The table of changes is as follows: Usual […]

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Arbury Court Library hours to be cut

by Alan Levy on 5 June, 2011

Cambridgeshire County Council is proposing to reduce the number of hours that Arbury Court Library is open from 32.5 hours to 27 hours per week. The plan is to open the library for two full days and three half days per week, with the library being closed completely on Wednesdays and Sundays. If you have […]

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Lib Dems invest – while county Tories cut

by Amy Ellis on 8 April, 2011

Liberal Democrats on the City Council have invested in services for the vulnerable and most in need. Just recently the Lib Dems gave 25% extra grant to the Citizens Advice Bureau. Local campaigner Amy Ellis said, “in these difficult times, services like the CAB are vital. I’m really glad the Liberal Democrats have made these […]

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Licensing application

by Alan Levy on 20 February, 2011

A premises licensing application has been received for the Esso City Service station on Histon Road. Details of the application can be found here by searching for Premises Licence and “City Service Station”. If you wish to make a representation about this application you can do so by clicking on the Representation link on the application details page.

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Lion Yard Toilets

by Alan Levy on 10 February, 2011

SPENDING A PENNY COULD “COST” THE CITY £11,500 A YEAR Spending a penny at Cambridge’s Lion Yard toilets could “cost” nearly £11,500 a year for each one of the 21 cubicles if the planned closure fails to go ahead. Cambridge City Council would be £240,000 a year worse off – the same amount that it […]

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North Area committee

by Alan Levy on 30 January, 2011

North Area Committee met at the Manor school last Thursday evening. Residents at the meeting heard and participated in discussions on a range of topics of local importance. Policing and safer neighbourhoods. Two of the three key priorities set by the meeting for the local police force over the next three months affect Arbury. These are: Reducing prostitution […]

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Help keep Arbury Court Library open

by Alan Levy on 26 January, 2011

This Thursday’s North area committee will be hearing a verbal report from a County Council representative about the library review that is currently underway. There will be significant changes resulting from the review and one or more branch libraries may have to close as a consequence. From what has already been made public, it appears that […]

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Arbury Community Centre is going from strength to strength with a record number of visitors in the last year. A new board of 10 trustees has also been formed with the number representing a significant increase on the previous year. Newly elected Chair of the Association, Jo Richards said, “It’s a tribute to the hard […]

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